Akshaya Bali

CS/CE Grad @ BU

Research Assistant @ BU WISE Circuits Lab

M.S. Student, CS @ Boston University

Email: a+"lastname"@bu.edu

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I am Computer Science Master's Student at Boston University, with an interest in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Research Vision

My research goals lie in making Compute as fast as possible, by whatever means neccesary.

I believe true performance is only achievable by a Co-Design of Hardware and Software.

Currently, I'm working as a Research Assistant at Boston University WISE Circuits Lab under guidance of Prof. Dr. Rabia T. Yazicigil.

My research interests are Hardware design for Experimental Algorithms, Compute Acceleration using FPGA and High Performance Computing.

  • Poster & Seminars
    • Cycle Stealing in Load Imbalanced Exascale Applications

      Akshaya Bali

      HPEC' 23 (IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Virtual Conference, 2023)

      [ Program Link ]

  • Academic Experience

  • Industry Experience
    • Publicis Sapient, Gurugram, India

      Analytics System Engineer L2

      July 2021 - August 2022

      Analytics System Engineer L1

      February 2020 - June 2021

      Junior Associate Analytics

      July 2019 - January 2020

    • Jetsons Robotics, Delhi, India

      IoT Research Intern

      Project: Real-Time Cloud based IoT System to monitor and control robots using MQTT and Kafka.

      July 2018 - June 2019

  • Open Source Contributions
    • pico-lora: LoRa communication library for Raspberry Pi RP2040 Microcontroller.

      C++ Library for RP2040 microcontoller and Semtech SX1276/77/78/79 based LoRa modules.

      [ GitHub ]

  • Research Projects
    • Low-cost Long Range Drone swarm with LoRa Mesh (Ongoing Personal Project)

      Lora Communication system based on 6LoWPAN leveraging RP2040 Microcontroller and SX127x Lora Modules to extend Range using Drone Swarm.

  • Course Projects
    • Handwriting Generation with Style Transfer using Deep Learning.

      A Generative model which copies styles from User Defined Handwriting Sample and generates handwritten text.

      Course: CAS CS 585 Image & Video Computing

      [ GitHub ][ Course ]

    • Neural Network Based Branch Predictor using Intel Pin Tool

      Perceptron base branch predictor which instruments any x86 application using Intel PIN tool.

      Course: ENG EC 513 Computer Architecture

      [ GitHub ][ Course ]

    • NORA CMOS Pipelined Logic VLSI Layout Design

      NORA CMOS Pipelined Logic in Cadence Virtuoso with complete Layout, PEX, and RC extraction.

      Course: ENG EC 571 Digital VLSI Circuit Design

      [ Course ]

    • Distributed MD5 Password Cracker

      Hadoop like fault tolerent and worker based system to crack MD5 hashes.

      Course: GRS CS 655 Graduate Computer Networks

      [ GitHub ][ Course ]

  • Academic Awards